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save yourself from a massive headache with our


The services below saves you all the headache of recruiting, training and managing your own in house team or overpaying for outsourcing maintenance. An in house team/individual or outsourcing maintenance can be very costly to hire especially during the early stages when every penny matters. We will dedicate a team or an individual depending on your requirements to closely monitor and maintain your system and take good care at a cost.

This saves you a lot of hassle giving you all the time you need to concentrate on your business.


After development of your application, regardless if it has been developed by us or another company, we will provide you with a maintenance and monitoring team, making sure your application is running smoothly and you or your customer face no issue while using it.

We will have a dedicated team assigned to monitor your application daily, make sure it's running at its best and be prepared to fix any bugs they come across and do maintenance where needed. 


Depending on your needs we have individuals to manage and run your site or system on a regular basis making your life much easier.

For example, if you have an e-commerce site and would need a team to manage your orders, upload new products, enter data, take, edit and upload images. We will take the headache off you and dedicate a team to handle all this.

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